The Queen of Hearts, tomato tarts!


Puff pastry

Dijon mustard (or another flavour you enjoy with tomato)

Tomatoes, cut into thick slices and then into heart shapes with a smaller cutter.


  • Line an oven tray with baking paper.

To make the pastry cases you will need two different sized pastry cutters of the same shape.

  • For each tart, cut out two large heart shapes.
  • Using the smaller cutter cut a heart from the centre of one large heart.
  • Brush a little water on outer edges of bottom heart (noncut large heart) and place cut out heart on top.
  • With a fork, prick the inner base a couple of times.
  • Spread the inside with a little Dijon mustard.
  • Place a slice of tomato in the center of the heart pastry.
  • Place in oven until the pastry rises and turns a nice golden brown. Approx 200°c for 8 minutes.

Tip:- You can sprinkle some cheese on top before serving.

:- Also turn it in to a dessert by using jam instead of tomato. Add whip cream at the end for the perfect sweet snack.


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