The Alice Wall

To commemorate the 150th Anniversary we asked all of our backers for a short message. A message in celebration of Alice, and everything it means to them. These are those messages…..Thank you to all who participated.

2 Katie Van Heest You are old, little Alice, and yet you find yourself incessantly read. Do you think, at your age, it is right?
3 CW Merry Christmas Alice! 🙂
6 Alice ‘Buttons’ Kensington Remember: the rabbit hole ahead of you may look terrifying, but it leads to magical places. Jump.~
7 Barry Barry is awesome
8 Cheshire Cat Cheshire Says Hi!
9 Sarah “Rusalka” Cooke “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” ― Lewis Carroll
10 Lysha Burke I hope I look as good as you when I’m 150! Happy 150th Birthday Alice!
11 Anon Hold onto your hats … let’s jump in!
12 Annie
13 Connie There’s an ‘b’ in both and a ‘n’ in neither.
15 Heisy Amil For the longest time, Alice’s adventures have mirrored my own nonsensical world; Alice has truly been an essential part of who I am. I am delighted to say that, thanks to Steven and Angela, I finally have my little piece of Wonderland.
17 J. T. Allison We’re all just stories in the end.
18 sjwt Backer from the beginning, glad it took off for you guys!
19 sjwt Curiouser and Curiouser
20 Mel Happy Birthday! I hope you’ll remain a classic for many more years to come, delighting young minds everywhere.
21 Carl & Rachelle May Ellie always follow her curiosity and see what adventures lay down the rabbit hole
25 The Dormouse Feed Your Head
29 Daniel Lovasz Choose the blue pill!
31 Stephanie Wagner Happy Birthday Alice!
32 Jacob A Canny In memory of John Canny and with the hope that future readers will continue to journey with us through our storys many generations from today.
40 Edward Save me some tea.
41 anonymous I’m afraid I can’t explain myself, sir. Because I am not myself, you see?
43 The Duchess Everything’s got a moral if only you can find it
45 Kay Johannes Happy 150 years of Unbirthdays!
46 Miguel “El Cola” Moreno. Dear Alice: Please don’t be afraid to be Mad about something, because Madness it is only the Supreme Level of Knowledge.
52 Neophoeus S. Chuang Go to another wonderland again please!
53 Howard Kistler Dear Alice, don’t forget the book that says “Read Me”!
55 Tina Happy birthday, Alice! First character I ever “got”.
56 The Great and Marvellous Quincy I am up, you are down there. Wait for me.
57 Moneyspider Looking forward to your original adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
58 Sure Don’t drink and eat random stuff that’s just lying around next time.
60 Dean Jones As we think back to the adventures that Alice had with her peers, I hope you all will sing with me: ‘to another 150 years!’ – Happy Birthday
65 Anonymous At last it can be an Adventure Over Ground
67 Q Stay curious.
71 Lauren Carey-“Cheshire” Daniels, quoting Yogi Berra Alice, a wise Bear once said, “when you come to a fork in the road, take it!”
73 anon (。◕‿◕。)
74 Max We’re all mad here.
76 Sam Happy birthday Alice! Remember, “we’re all mad here!”
79 Vegard Stenhjem Hagen It’s more fun to be lost than know exactly where you are going.
81 Kerry Leane Happy Birthday Miss A.
82 Marty Clemenkowff Happy birthday Alice, to a hundred and fifty more 🙂
85 Anonymous Happy anniversary! Is it a big one?
86 Kevin S. Brackett Happy 150th!
90 Lillith Oh how trluy bonkers of a ride this was!
91 Richard Great way to celebrate a classic
92 Anonymous Late… Late….
93 Rob Altherr We’re all mad here.
94 René Til Pernille. Elsker dig baby..!
95 Abital and Daryl Meow meow
98 Andrew Bell Here’s to another 150 years down the rabbit hole!
103 TD85 Happy Birthday Alice
105 Kyle Bissell All my love and best wishes to a special author!
108 Neil & Beth Baker Happy birthday, Alice!
110 Joshua Merry Christmas my beautiful girl x
114 Anthony Thank you for this.
115 Robert F. Try to never grow up all the way. Allow at least part of you to always be seven years old (or seven and a half, if you really must).
117 Gregory Merry Christmas, Nicole! I hope this book helps you find your way down the rabbit hole of Uni next year.
118 Sarah and Caleb Sledd Happy 150th Alice! We have a huge collection of your stuff in our room!
121 Robin Hi Alice, Drop in for a cup of tea any time!
122 Peter Follow the white rabbit.
123 Katrina L. Halliwell May there be many more adventures!
127 Elly Happy birthday Alice! Don’t be late for your important date!
128 Anon Stranger and stranger
129 blank Keep being absolutely bonkers!
131 Buster To my wonderful Mad Hatter. Love you muchly
132 Kaja Foglio Thank you for all you’ve given us.
133 Feed your head! None
140 Irreverence Inc. I went to a cocktail bar called ‘The Mad Hatters Tea Party’ the other night, spent 8 British pounds on a drink named after myself, then proceeded to spill it everywhere.
143 Chris Aubrecht It is time for a adventure.
144 Donger
145 Stephanie Devon I knew who i was this morning but I’ve changed a few times since then
146 K&D Can’t wait to go down the rabbit hole this Christmas.
151 Jacinta Jaberwocky for life!
154 Cheshire Cat Glad to see your madness is returning.
155 Anonymous Many Happy Un-Birthdays Alice! Oooh there’s 54,600 in 150 years! Oh the glory of it all! Oh the Curiosity!
159 Edo Oh, you can’t help that, We’re all mad here
160 Gloria P. Alice, you’re timeless! I can’t wait to fall down the rabbit hole with you.
162 Tortoise It’s not the journey but the path that’s interesting, yes?
164 Veronika Jones Happy Birthday Alice, thanks for the wonderful trip down the rabbit hole…
167 Brian T. If your head is wax, don’t walk in the sun.
168 Ivan Every great journey begins with a small step…
169 Kerry Ellis We’re all mad here.
175 Big T Always follow the road to adventure!
177 Alisa Olinova Keep on dreaming!
179 RetroSteve Thanks for all the underground madness
180 Anders Hipphipphurra för dig idag!
181 JT Fischer Home.
182 The Courters Arielle and Sya, Mommy and Daddy LOVE you both through the looking glass and back again always and forever! Thanks Alice!
187 Mikee Don’t be afraid to float awhile; faith is knowing that you’ll find a bottom or that you’ll learn to fly
189 Stefan Santer None
195 Nicole Hancock Never stop believing in impossible things!
196 Tony Happy Birthday, Alice, and Eat and Drink all you want. 🙂
199 Mr. Vorpal Snicker-snack!
201 Anonymous Everything can be an adventure.
202 Beckington Thanks for teaching me how to explore even when I’m afraid to.
203 Cheesy, the eighth dwarf. Safe travels
204 Jurre Wonderful times Alice, truly wonderful.
206 Amnon Never stop taking the rabbit hole but keep your loved ones with you!
207 Rekesh Vekariya Hey Alice, keep having a merry tea party
209 Lacey Sidlowski Happy to be falling down the rabbit hole with you.
210 Annika Lindner Bon Anniversaire Mademoiselle Alice!
214 A Frumious Bandersnatch Beware the Jabberwock!
218 Anonymous All that time and you never knew why I called you Alice. Silly girl.
220 Squishy ♡ Happy 150th Anniversary Alice! ♡ One of my absolutely favorite stories! (^ω^) ~♡
221 anonymous Love love!
222 Anonymous WhoOoOOoo are yooOOOoo?
223 Kimberly So proud to support this amazing story in this beautiful new way!
224 George Lawie No time to say hello, goodbye, I’m late!
225 Anonymous Happy Birthday Alice!
233 Scott Thiessen We found wonderland, you and I got lost in it.
234 Lisa A very merry birthday and unbirthday to you, Alice! You’ve inspired me throughout the years to be curious and courteous, and I wouldn’t be the same without you!
235 Lord Kdog Thanks, Doll!! �
239 Chris Cottrill My reality is just a little askew 🙂
241 MAS winds and delicate dawns, mysterious woods in moonlight and starry midnights
245 Anonymous Looking forward to joining the journey…
246 Priscilla Chan I’m proud to be a part of the 150th anniversary!
247 Robert Looking great for being 150+!
250 Tristan Luyks Always believe
252 N Young Down the rabbit hole once more
253 Anonymous Anyone that is talked about will surely be talked badly about
254 Anonymous Happy birthday!
257 GC Happy Birthday from Singapore!
259 lain What a peculiar trip
262 Anonymous Congrats
263 leigh The best gift you could have given her, is a lifetime of adventure
264 Andreas Beware the Jabberwock!
265 Stephanie Meade Never stop believing impossible things
267 Veronica Ramshaw A century and a half already? You don’t look a day over 15!
268 Danielle Christmas Excited to see the book!
270 AC For a delightfully curious girl.
272 Ties ‘Cause we’re lovers, and that is a fact!
274 XX O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
275 Adeline H. Beware the Jabberwock !
276 D. Soh For Jacqueline Maria Garwood
277 Rohan Welcome back and Happy Birthday Alice.
280 Christopher S. Sanders Happy Birthday young lady.
282 Blank Be excellent to each other.
283 Max Remember Alice, if you drink much from a bottle marked poison, it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later.
284 Mia Cipullo So incredibly proud to have been a part of this journey! Congratulations everyone!
287 djipsi Of course, of course; just what I was going to remark myself.
288 Jason I can’t wait to read this book to my young daughters!
289 Sarah K. A classic story that is very special to me. May Alice’s story still be read in another 150 years!
291 Paula Othero Thank you for showing me that the impossible can also be an alternative.
295 Anonymous Looking good for 150
297 allison stay mad 😉
299 Amanda Curtis Alice, thank you for being such an inspiration for such a wonderful book!
301 CCW I grew up with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. So I’m glad to see such a nice reproduction coming out. Happy Birthday, Alice!
304 Jenn Miller We are all searching for our own rabbit holes
305 Fantasmagoria studio magical moment – excitement – fulfillment ….
307 Fri Hyland Curioser and curioser
310 Anonymous Go you good thing!
311 Amaya You keep giving happiness to generations with your adventure.A rare quality indeed.
312 Andrew A perfect reason for a tea party!
315 Ken C It’s time to share with the world!!!
316 LCP Best be knowing where you’re going, else you be lost in the madness! I’m late, I’m late!
318 Mouse Thank you for showing a young man the great value of nonsense.
319 Debbie Dear Alice, thanks for sharing your story with us and inspiring countless generations to be ‘curiouser and curiouser’ with their own adventures. ♡
324 Winzy I love you, Alice
326 Jacqueline Padilla and Arnold Robles We are happy to preserve this adventure and we hope to always keep the wonder alive for many generations to come!
327 Annah Jensen “I give myself good advice, but I seldom follow it.”
329 Chris What a wonderful journey it is.
335 Krisith Your super late!
336 Minza keep on dreaming
340 anonymous stay happy
342 Gonzalo Follow the white rabbit, Alice
346 Helen Allien Poe Be perfect.
351 Anon Happy Birthday
352 Rae Fantastic idea. Very happy to support and get my own little piece of history
353 F. Buon compleanno sognatrice!
354 Darren Wilkin The time has come, the Walrus said, to speak of many things….
359 Nursing With A Purpose Remember the less fortunate
361 Denise Dumont Great endeavour by great people. A worthy project that received all the care and detail that it needed.
363 RSoeby Happy birthday Alice. Your wonderful journey will follow us as long as fantasy exists.
364 Sarah A Happy Birthday Alice! From Lowell, Massachusetts USA
366 Erin Kaczkowski Keep believing in impossible things.
367 Kris Vanhoyland We’re all mad here
368 Tomohiro Iemura Happy 150th Alice ! We’re in this story together !!
369 Trisha Isabelle Happy birthday to the little girl who keeps me childlike and curious.
370 anon This is a book
372 Prometheus Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop
374 anonymous Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Alice has been like an imaginary friend on my own journey down the rabbit hole. I’ve never felt alone as long as I’ve had a copy of this book in my life.
376 Aaron P. Churchill You stumbled and fell, so we could learn to get back up. Thank you.
377 Stewart Polsky Wake up, Alice. The Matrix has you. Follow The White Rabbit
379 K+A Alice, cant wait for your story loved by my girlfriend the sit in your new binding in her hands 😀
381 anonymous If you dont like how the table is set, overturn the table.
383 Tom S. Happy Birthday!
384 Nick Mellish Callooh callay! How wonderful that this is being printed. Happy Returns, and many of them!
389 DAH Thank you for inspiring and entertaining.
393 RYM be happy and curious always
395 Lisa Beth A toast, to enduring characters that last longer than any mortal lifetime. Happy Birthday Alice.
396 Enzo Where should you go? well that entirely depends on where you want to end up!
399 mat-in Frr lbh ba gur bgure fvqr
400 Miss Shannessy Thank you for a wonderful story that has educated and enlightened children’s imagination.
401 Jo Thompson “everybody has won, and all must have prizes.” Happy Birthday, Alice.
402 anonymous Looking forwards to going down the rabbit hole with you once more to childhood dreams and flights of fancy.
403 Sharon Took 150 years to have someone give the reprint the justice it deserves Way to go Steven and Angela!!
404 Adam Marin Fantastic way to celebrate a 150th birthday!
406 Ollie Ockenden The original Daytripper
407 Sarah Zoe Sophie Because girls rule
409 Wolf Start at the beginning, and when you get to the end, stop.
412 Anonymous Oh my, you’re older than my grandma, Alice darling!!!
413 Siobhan Timeless adventures for all. Thank you, Alice.
415 Scarlett T Happy Birthday Alice! Its my 1st Birthday this year.
416 C C Magnus Gustavsson Lina 2013-07-06
417 anon from malaysia Looking forward to seeing the other side of Alice! 🙂
418 Maaike & Jeroen So many years later your adventures still instil a sense of wonder in young and old, thank you!
420 Thomas From childhood to adulthood you have remained an important figure in modern day literature and a model for people to believe in and grow to emulate and i hope that it will stay that way for many years to come
422 Eli Thank you for bringing us in your journey!
424 James A Douglas When in doubt, choose a small amount from both sides of the mushroom; #SmallBites
425 Alice Dionne None
426 The maddest hatter “150 years Alice, 150 years we’ve been waiting for you to return, and now you have, and you brought a friend”
427 Leonard Alis Volat Propiis
428 lewis good stuff
431 Karuna Beware of those holes, dear. They’re far a too much trouble for the likes of us.
432 Dear me Tweedledee me anytime, just don’t Tweedledum me.
434 Ian If a prince on a white horse actually appeared in front of me… I think I’d like to see him fall off that horse.
435 Seolin Chung As one of my favorite stories of all time, I am glad to be able to take part of this project and congratulate the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground.
436 Fëanolwë How long is a birthday? Sometimes, one year. Happy birthday for the year!
437 Ollie, Tom & Will Hi Alice, we are looking forward to reading your anniverary book
438 Anonymous Rabbit
439 M Badlani Happy Birthday Darling Alice! Happy Unbirthday to Me! Let’s celebrate fantastically.
442 anonymous Thank you for chasing rabbits
446 CW “Everything has got a moral if you can only find it.” – Lewis Carroll
448 David Actually, your real name is… Allison! These are the tales of Allison’s wonderland.
450 A. Friend Do not drink from the bottle
451 JPV Don’t do that, you’ll hurt yourself.
456 Francis Drake Sic parvis magna
457 Jenny M I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it
458 Yishan Happy 150th! And many more imaginations to capture!
460 Lulu I am excited to head down the rabbit hole.
467 Bec thank you for all the adventures and sunny afternoons in which we get to escape
470 Leblanc Pier-Olivier I live by one rule if you want to be happy forget logic, because logic doesn’t really exist. What about you?
471 Phil Rosette You look great, for 150!
472 Anonymous How are you after all this?
473 Blake Hamilton It’s never the end of the journey that truly matters, only the experience that comes from it since that’s the true gift in life.
477 Anonymous Cheers to bringing more adventure and joy for many more years to come!
478 Tim Jennings,Executive Director Happy 150th to Alice from The Shaw Festival of Canada (, premiering our own adaptation in 2016 by Peter Hinton!
480 anonymous Happy 150th birthday, Alice!
481 Glynn Merry Christmas, Jessica
485 DVO It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.
494 Ginger Chef A story to last the ages.
495 Lucy Happy Birthday Alice! Keep believing the impossible.
496 Allusyen Do impossible things after breakfast too.
497 D. Dormouse Why don’t you have yourself a nice cup of tea?
502 Sobw What a beautiful notion! And a beautiful gift for my wife.
504 Charlotte A We’re all mad here!
509 anonymous n/a
511 Kasia Happy Birthday Alice!
513 AlexH Happy Birthday Alice
514 Oz …please smile, my precious Alice
515 Jen Heil In celebration of impossible things, thank you for Wonderland.
519 Mad Hatter – Llandudno In order to survive, you have to be as Mad as a Hatter which fortunately, i am!
522 n/a n/a
523 Rachel Have a magical adventure!
524 mogura Congrats Alice!
525 Christopher Whitmore Dear Alice, thank you for never letting me forget the joys of summer daydreaming.
528 Andrew Peregrine Take me with you next time you go anywhere strange.
530 Oliver Forever down the rabbit hole.
532 Keiana Thank you for helping me believe in things that seem impossible and to decide on my own path.
535 Francky Live for Fun, Play to Win, Challenge Everything and let Madness In.
536 Anon Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle. – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
537 Polly What six impossible things have you thought of this morning?
538 Sara Rose Stay curious
543 n/a n/a
544 Jungmin Won I hope that you keep going on represent old books. Thank you your wonderland!!
545 Dorothy Jones can I come back
547 Richard W A book of long time dreams of one that can.
549 Hilton Brown Dear Layla, hope you enjoy many hours of happy reading, Hilton
551 Steve Please look after Evie if you meet her
552 Nikki & Kevin Although we know this story back to front, we cannot wait to get our hands on this magical book and see it in all its glory as a first edition!
553 Anne Thanks for popping off on an adventure and sharing it with us!
556 Tori-Anne Thank you Carroll for writing one of the greatest pieces of literature, in my eyes. 150 and still strong.
557 Michael I only hope I age as well as you have!
558 Laird Popkin Love your adventures – love to see more!
559 Paul Foxton Shannon Pickering & Paul Foxton wish Alice a happy 150th birthday!
561 Monica Hi Alice, Welcome back into the real world!
562 Kellee M so excited to have ordered my limited edition 150th anniversary Kickstarter Alice. Happy 150 years
563 IDK? IDK?
564 Alexa Happy birthday Alice! We can not wait to share you with our next generation!
567 Katherine Paul Wonderland Awaits!
573 blank May you inspire many more children to fall down the rabbit hole.
574 Kayleigh Dandilly Thank you for helping me become the person I am Alice, Happy 150th Birthday
578 Jordann R. Thank you for the joy you’ve brought me, especially when joy was hard to come by.
579 Cara Thank you for opening windows to other worlds so wide that I could be nothing but fall through.
580 #NAME? Dearest Elleanna, may you imagination always lead you on great adventures.
581 G Happy Birthday, girl
582 Carmen Thank you
584 Andrew Dodge Happy Anniversary Alice!
586 Anna Raftery For the curious girls who fell into wonderland and made it out the other side.
592 Diyana Riza Happy Unbirthday Alice!
593 Gina Wang thank you 🙂
594 Sam Gebbie Next time you see that rabbit come get me and we can go together!
595 Tom V You’ve Tumbled Down the Rabbit Hole Alice… With a Mind Caucus Racing ‘Til Numb
597 Brandy It’s only impossible if you believe it is!
599 Matthew Ryan Sanders O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Happy 150th to a marvelously absurd tale that is still sparking imaginations today!
600 Dinesh You rock Alice!!
601 Mama Maru Watch that first step while chasing the white rabbit.
607 Nicole Janee 1890 Vartanian “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
611 Vesko Welcome back Alice
613 Peow Yeong Happy birthday, Alice! Wishing you many happy returns.
617 mgalan “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”
618 MK I’m so excited to go on another crazy adventure with Alice! Thanks so much for your hard work and I can’t wait to see it!
622 Sarah The greatest fairy tale ever told!
624 Siong Curiouser and Curiousest
631 Cheshire Cat Curiouser and curiouser
633 Brittany Sheahan Thank you so much for bringing this book back to life. Alice in Wonderland is my favorite book and I can not wait to read the original.
634 Matthew Elphick The thoughts of 900 impossible things before breakfasts have now been and gone..
635 Erica Jaclyn “I never feel lonely if I’ve got a book – they’re like old friends. Even if you’re not reading them over and over again, you know they are there. And they’re part of your history. They sort of tell a story about your journey through life.” – Emilia Fox
636 n/a n/a
638 Ls Life is but an adventure.
642 Robert Really looking forward to the books!
645 Bobbie Don’t speak to strange caterpillars.
649 M.Langenberg Keeping it real
650 Dan Moore “Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”
651 Madeleine Fenner Happy Birthday Alice, remember we’re all mad here.
654 Alex C It’s OK to throw yourself down a rabbit hole sometimes. We’ve all got that little bit of crazy in us.
655 Mike Jervis Always be curious
656 None Madness has a way of bringing people together.
657 Ann-Marie To Explore Forever Is The Key To Immortality
659 Charissa Brady I am so glad that someone has taken the time to make this birthday celebration happen! I can’t wait to see it.
661 Khalika13 Happy Birthday Alice!
662 Annon Not all smiles are friendly.
664 Caitlin So glad you joined the dance!
669 LilTeri This is proof that we are all a little mad! Glad it was a succes!
670 Cristine Larsen Thank you Alice, for being such a huge part in my life. I will always cherish your story.
671 Pestalinc Ra♧se you C♡ps and T◇ast to M♤dness.
672 Stephanie Alice, Thank you for teaching me that it was okay to believe in the impossible, the fantastical, and the just plain odd, even when no one else does.
675 Blank Let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
679 Love – Dad One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.
681 Clockwork Bunny You’re amazing to have taken the time to make this. Keep being awesome!
683 A Happy Eskimo Happy 150th!
684 june chua stay underground
685 Layla & Mya Foster 🙂 Thank you for our wonderful book.
686 Leola happy anniversary!
687 João Pedro Best book
688 AliciaC I just wanted to say how excited I am about this and that my 6 year old daughter will be equally as excited to get it.
697 Faith Curiosity, and imagination brings color to life
700 Wade Winningham Truly amazing and wonderful in every way.
701 Genevieve My dearest Dinah, please refrain the air of an uffish Jubjub bird. I will be gone for just a bit.
702 Sara Mac I love this project – the whole idea is so creative and fun. I’m looking forward to receiving my book.
705 Jack R Talyor Yang 150yr old and still great!!
706 Justin Dyer, AZ, USA Happy Birthday Alice, too bad people don’t last forever, it would be neat to know you!
707 s.prior Curosity killed the cat, be careful of rabbits in waistcoats.
710 Anonymous The world is what you make it and imagination and madness are two of the best tools to have along the way.
711 A Friend. Try not to get too lost. Well, you were lost when you got here, but no sense in getting loster.
713 Hattie Happy Birthday!
715 #NAME? “The iron golem was pretty easy…”
716 Aj Kinniburgh Im looking forward to going down the rabbit hole to see what I can find
717 Kahuna in chain
720 Brianna Happy birthday Alice!!
723 Brendan & Mary Aldrich For Madisyn Stark, Kendall Stark and Delaney Jo Aldrich: “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” -Lewis Carroll
724 Neo So glad I took the red pill!
726 Lynne Lightowler Thanks for the inspiration to applaud Life as an adventure!
727 Bekki A classic story 150 years on and beloved by many. Happy birthday, Alice!
729 A. Non Y’Mouse Keep Cool & Forward !
730 Sandy Never stop being curious
732 Sora What a wonderful story to have grown up with. Where would we without Alice today? Curiouser and curiouser.
734 DZ To be lost is an adventure
736 Pandu Never go back to yesterday, when you were a different person. Instead, continue changing into a new person.
744 None We’re all made here!
745 Paul Gonna make a great gift for my mother!
747 Rayna So Thank you Lewis Carroll for 100 amazing years of falling down the rabbit hole.
749 Katrina Reiss Let your imagination run free
750 Nick Looy Love ya girl!
752 Jean-Baptiste Scref 150 years after, we’ll still gladly follow you down the rabbit hole !
753 MiB 150 years old and still delighting the world with adventures in Wonderland, here’s to another 150 and more!
758 Chandler Bullock Thsnk you for the madness!
760 Pablo D Thank you for the fond memories and joy your story brought to me as a child.
762 The Caterpillar (CJC) Who are you?
763 Wirun Aung One of my most favorite childhood memories.
764 KatyAV I grew up to believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast! Happy 150th Alice in Wonderland!!
769 Melinda Happy Anniversary of a most marvellous and magical adventure! You have taken the world on the journey of a lifetime, time and time again.
771 Chumblespuzz “We’re all mad here”
773 Caitlyn We’re all mad here!
774 Raven Happy Birthday Alice!, Have you guessed the riddle yet?
775 Amechi And the mome raths outgrabe
776 Hasnah Najla Happy 150th birthday Alice!! I will read this book to my future daughter!!
777 Anon Happy Birthday
778 Risë Taylor Curiouser and curiouser through the years has made the Cheshire Cat’s grin wider
779 Rose Don’t eat/drink anything that tells you to.
780 Phillip W. Happy 150th Birthday to Alice, and in honor of my granddaughter who is also Alice.
781 Anonymous My father read this to me as I was growing up and it had a big impact.
787 AY A very merry birthday to you.
790 Christine Learning creativity starts young, but also must past school that erase it.
792 anonymous Let’s go back down the Rabbit Hole once again!
793 Richard Cuddy Hello
800 OCNIOS Accept people for who they are, question the world as it is. Reality is just a waking collective dream.
801 anonymous Chamou
802 Cookie EAT ME
804 Matt Zaba As you grow, never lose touch with your own little piece of wonderland and your imagination that knows the directions to get there.
806 Tim R This book is for Chelsea, my love who is absolutely lost in the world created for Alice. If it wasn’t for her vivid imagination, I wouldn’t have my adventure.
807 Elle If you give yourself very good advice, follow it more than seldomly.
810 Forget it Never look up
815 T. Silver Time to break out the special birthday hookah!
818 Levana Thank you for keeping the magic in me alive, always.
824 James Kieckhefer It’s okay to be a little mad.
825 Andy Chen Could you bring me the mud over there 🙂
831 Blank Happy 150th birthday to Alice and everyone down in wonderland!
832 Penelope Perez May the sense of wonder and joy you bring never cease
833 Dorothy the Puss. You will find me through the hidden door behind the bookshelf.
842 Andy T Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.
845 Lally Timeless
846 Ana Clarisse Nessia Joaquin You’ve brought wonderland close to our hearts through reading your adventures so thank you for the magical journey Alice.
851 Megan Annear My dad, Warwick Annear, introduced me to Alice when I was very young, and he has followed every movie and programme and book and show throughout the years. Alice was a huge part of my childhood and I can’t thank her enough, Happy Birthday
852 uawkat 150 years strong, and still a wonderful story.
856 Faye And the adventure begins…
857 Elaine M. Cassell Compared to today’s madness, does Wonderland seem sane?
861 Mick All the best people are a little mad.
862 Jonathan, Erica, & Guenenvere Bailey Happy birthday and always stay curious.
863 Adam Thankyou
866 White Rabbit(The New Number 2) Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter are in cahoots. Alice is the real Number 1.
867 Shinjini Bhattacharjee Thank you for being so awesome!
868 Anonymous NA
869 Baku We are all mad here
873 Alex Alice in Wonderland is one of those stories that shaped who I am as a person and was a massive part of my childhood- Happy Birthday Alice!!
875 Ace Ruff The ends justify the means
876 Philicia Takeshima Down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass, you’ve lead my life in wonderful and curious directions. Cheers to continued adventures!
878 Anonymous Being a part of the 150th anniversary is a dream come true.
879 James Puah Waiting anxiously for the arrival of the book !
880 Melissa and Daniel Happy birthday Alice!
885 Emma Campbell Happy birthday Alice, thanks for being such an inspiration of fun, imagination, and perseverance
886 Death to Tyrants !.. only joking… Blank please I am in brisbane so keen to come to Party !!
888 H.R.L.S Happy Birthday Alice! May you be remembered for next 150 years.
890 T x Part one of a gift that I hope you think gets curiouser and curiouser…
891 D. Weiss Keep on traveling on your fun-filled adventure.
892 E. Klein Happy Birthday! Great exhibit at the Morgan in NYC
894 Mod Thank you for inspiring me since I read about your adventures, Alice! You are super important to me 😀
898 Paolo Tempus fugit
900 Marvin N. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag – Happy Birthday!!!! Best wishes from Germany 🙂
901 Cyberboojum Curiouser and curiouser!
902 Karen Many Happy Returns & may you continue to share your lovely tales of Wonderland with everyone!
904 @FeketeSteve A very merry un-unbirthday to you!
905 Kay Make it what you will it.
906 The Doctor The Angles Have The Phone-Box
907 Greg Principato Why is a raven like a writing-desk?
908 Nigel Merry Christmas 2015
910 Gandalf Grey Use the force, Alice.
914 Krista For my God-daughter, our very own curious, adventurous and wonderful Alice xx
915 Samuel awesome story! Samuel
917 HL Happy 150th!
921 Maddie She must be a wildflower
923 Robert Wheeler Alice lessons is just as important today as it was 150 years ago. This is a must read for any child or adult.
925 anonymous Who am I?
926 n/a n/a
930 Kristin We’re all mad here.
932 Ashleigh Ross Hip hip, hooray!
936 Poki All in all, will love Zuzana M. a.k.a. Žežulička forever… above, on, or under ground.
938 Mermaid Nikki Thank you for the many years of madness.
939 Jake Davey & James Korn Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.
940 Talya An inspirational story of overcoming adversity and the power of perseverance. A book that helped me face the world with courage.
941 Rabbit, White Esq. Happy birthday sweet Alice. We miss you, all of us, down the rabbit hole. I do wish you’d come back soon. Things with the Red Queen have become quite dreadful! Please return with haste.
942 icekiller158 We’re all mad here. The madness returns.
945 Mister C. Echs I’m mad…YOU’RE mad… we’re ALL mad here…
946 NotSagan …But first, we must invent the universe.
950 anonymous 😉
951 Bueno Happy Birthday to a special person!
955 Susanna Narvaez 150 years of inspiring children and grown-ups to imagine and explore. It really was the best butter.
956 Alice Thwaites Happy birthday Alice!
960 blank It’s time to see the world with eyes unclouded by hate
961 Maria Can’t wait to meet Alice=)
962 Anonymous Happy Birthday Alice! I loved sharing your journey through Wonderland and cannot wait to do it again!
963 bfc Thank you for the opportunity to embrace curiosity!
968 ~ The Lady Liu Just one more trip down the rabbit hole for me, and this time I share the journey with my Pookie Lai.
972 Bre Curiouser and Curiouser
973 Eric We’re all mad here
976 Jacen Be awesome
979 Na Na
980 Anonymous Happy 150 years!!
983 Cameron Brown Take me to Wonderland
988 Blank “Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”
990 Σ Thank you for showing everyone it is okay to pretend to be two different people.
991 Christopher Elizondo I do very much appreciate, and thank you, for the opportunity to be able to enjoy this story for years to come. My nieces and nephews will be ecstatic.
992 Michelle Rufo Happy 150th Birthday dear Alice! Here’s to more adventures!
995 Elle Berwick A girl that inspired so many things. A world that has inspired so many people to create places just like this.
996 Vidya Thank you for sharing your adventures with us, and inspiring us to have our own!
1000 N/a N/a
1001 JS Alice, shouldn’t you know better by now? You are 150 after all.
1003 KR ‘Cur existimas me insanam esse?’ Alicia rogavit. ‘Necesse est,’ inquit Feles; ‘aliter huc non adiisses.’
1005 Sparkkitty Though the road is long and rocky, adventure can always be found
1006 anonymous Happy Birthday Alice!!!!!
1009 Kristen Alice has inspired me to name my white rabbit after her. ♥️
1012 Jeremy and Ben N We’re mad as hatters and love a tea party!! Happy 15th Alice and Co
1015 X Happy 150th anniversary
1017 Jess Winder Happy 18th precious
1021 Princess Erin M. Happy Un-Birthday to my number one dreamer! Thanks for all the inspiration you’ve given to your fans, Alice. We love you!
1024 CWV I’m so happy for the original manuscript to be facsimile again. I saw Alice in NYC with my parents at the Morgan Library.
1025 Lysander Tyrrell The right sense of adventure will take you beyond The Ends of the Earth
1027 Andy Whitmire Remember to take a multiple perspective approach when looking at life.
1028 Atlas Every rabbit hole leads to Wonderland
1029 Sana & Mazen Thank you for the thrill. We shall now pass it to our baby Adam.
1030 James D. Garza A Very Merry 150th Unbirthday to Alice!
1031 WRT Thank you
1033 Anonymous Can’t wait! This will make the perfect birthday gift for my fiancée 🙂
1034 smoody Thanks for the adventures and the hooka 🙂
1040 Chris and Laura Kira Happy anniversary! We look forward to sharing this with our son Nico!
1043 BookGirl Start at the beginning.
1047 Blank Keep Moving Forward
1048 Wolfybear We are all mad down here
1050 Verith I’m glad that we can’t go back to yesterday
1052 anon Never stop dreaming. Never stop adventuring.
1053 sjwt Discombobulated
1058 Anon What a wondrous place Wonderland is.
1059 Helen Happy 150th Alice.
1061 L. You helped me learn to accept and adapt to the crazy around me rather than drown.
1064 Anastasia For you Alice, Lewis Carroll gave us all our own guiding little white rabbits.
1066 Ben R Forever reminding us that reality is only one way of looking at things.
1069 Céin “Still she haunts me, phantomwise” one-hundred and fifty years later
1070 Moja & Thomas Good job!
1071 Purple Hazis Are you ten feet tall?
1072 Morris Down we all go!
1076 Tom To Kayleigh, have a great Christmas. Lots of love X
1077 Katy Costello This book has a special meaning for me because, like the White Rabbit, I’m ALWAYS late!
1078 Stephanie E. You’ve given a lifetime of adventures. Now, go find another rabbit hole!
1079 Corwin Edgley-Sakal …Care for a cup of tea?
1081 Courtney Baxter Happy birthday, Alice! May your story continue to inspire curiosity for 150 years more.
1083 Z. Falle It’s okay to be curious, just don’t lose your head.
1084 Texas_Fan A beautiful dream is reborn.
1085 Joshua Stephens Never forget to dawn the dawn Since what live in darkness cant survive In first lights coming all be gone For after twilight dawn abides
1088 Stalby Happy birthday!
1089 WillieMac You have brought joy and imagination to BILLIONS! Thank you!!!
1090 DylanSonata Hurry now Alice, you’ve already missed the train!
1093 Chanel A love of Alice 150 years strong and going~
1094 C. van Leeuwen Don’t underestimate the power of a pack of cards.
1095 Ethan B. Happy 150th Alice. Your adventures will never be forgotten!
1097 James Welcome to Underland Alice!
1098 Garrett Pinder To the last 150 years of wonder, and to the next… Cheers, Alice!
1099 Fatima “Farfalla” Sankar Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality! It’s always tea time!
1100 Sammy Belle A very merry birthday to you!
1102 R & A Heres to another 150 years of inspiration, Adventures and believing impossible things.
1109 Rachel Brightman Thank You
1112 Andersen Fernandes Into the rabbit hole!
1113 Stuart L We all need a little nonsense in our lives once in a while.
1114 Mad Airi Goodness me, Alice, you’ve been wandering for quite some time. Perhaps you should sit for a spell at our mad tea party and enjoy your birthday?
1115 Brendan Sheehan Na
1116 Anonymous So excited!
1118 Ro Don’t be who you were. Be who you want to be!
1119 Sam “Jesta” Geden So many wonderful memories of delightful madness – thanks Alice! An immortal story of boundless imagination.
1120 Alycia Happy birthday, Alice!
1121 Kenny Hello Alice!
1122 Macia Davidson “Happy 150th Birthday, Alice!” I never want to forget the happy days we spent that summer; except for the darkest parts.”
1124 AE happy birthday!!!
1125 Verónica Hernández No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!
1127 Blank “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”
1130 The Sane Milliner For The Mad Hatter A very merry un-un-birthday to you, Alice!
1132 Li & Sami Thank you Alice, for teaching us how to believe in the impossible things in life. Especially before breakfast.
1134 Beep Boop
1135 Mariah Lee I hope this Birthday is more exciting than any Un-Birthday for Alice and everyone who enjoys reading her adventures.
1136 Dr Stephen J Hoggard Madness is occasionally necessary for, and a byproduct of, the study of science.
1140 Anonymous What a long, strange trip it has been
1141 Kate Stuekerjuergen “If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
1142 graceeesu HAPPY 150th ANNIVERSARY ! Alice in Wonderland has impacted so many hearts around the world, & I hope this storybook will be passed down to generations to come
1143 moa Remember what the Dormouse said “Feed your head Feed your head”
1145 Alyce Potts From one mad adventurer to another, cheers.
1148 Robert Chacko sometimes the most nonsensical answers can be the most profound…
1157 MPV Hi
1158 JJ Branches Hi Alice!

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